International Song Competition (2015)


Pinched Nerve from the album Museum Vol. 1 was selected as a finalist in the Jazz category by the International Songwriting Composition’s committee. With over 18,500 entrants, less than 2% of all entrants were selected as finalists. “Pinched Nerve” received an “honorable mention”.

Museum Vol. 1", Kevin Harris’ 4th album, is a personal collection of concepts in song form.

Harris wrote “Pinched Nerve” at a time when he experienced an intense amount of pain, numbness, and weakness in his left arm and hand. The cause was a pinched nerve in his back. Certainly a very scary and disheartening situation for a pianist to deal with.

The music of “Pinched Nerve” describes the pain along with the need to press forward despite the uncertainty. Thankfully, with simple physical therapy, he was able to relieve some of the nerve pinching and regain his ability to play the piano, and play very skillfully.