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"Kevin Harris plays and writes with flair and real soul"

— Fred Hersch

"New York-based pianist Kevin Harris (...) deals with themes of strength, love, courage and self-awareness. It’s a heavy task he’s set up for himself, and he meets the challenge gracefully."


"...the tight/loose elasticity, the tension between form and freedom that was the hallmark of so many Miles Davis sessions with Shorter and Herbie Hancock . . . calm and collected, but also loose and full of surprises."

— Jon Garelick, The Phoenix

"...if you like modernist / modal post-hard-bop like that offered on Blue Note CDs of the early 1970s, you ought to come to grips with what Harris is doing."

— Steve Elman, The Art Fuse

"Kevin Harris has a very special talent. His writing is interesting and challenging, with a sense of originality and commitment to quality. I so enjoy listening to and playing with Kevin. Makes me know that jazz is alive, well and in good hands... AND that new music can be great, with solid respect for what has come before, while strongly forging ahead into the future. Very exciting! Thank you Kevin... "

— Terri Lyne Carrington, 2012 Grammy Award Winner

" 'The Americas' .... traversed the country from Preservation Hall to Broadway, all in the glint of Harris’ incandescent stride piano rifts and Langone’s big snare and cymbal surges."

— Nelson Brill,

"...(Museum Vol.1) is an album that thrives on the triumph of human endeavour; his own as a pianist, extrapolated to a world of artists playing to audiences waiting to be set free."

— Raul da Gama, LatinJazzNetwork

"...Un riassunto della storia del jazz newyorchese in otto brani: si può definire così Museum Vol. 1"

All About Jazz

"...everyone plays with great purpose and inventiveness making the music come alive with ideas, melody and rhythm."

— Richard Kamins, Steptempest.blogspot

" emotional yet skillfully balanced journey that breaks the barrier of what listeners would expect of a jazz concert."

La Liberta', Piacenza (Italy)

"Really solid set of straight-ahead tunes that evoke much of the grandiose bombast of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers of the sixties, while giving it a voice that resides firmly in the modern day."


"I enjoyed a rather contemporary approach which seemingly contrasts most younger exploits of today’s creative concepts. Your musical thoughts most certainly should be experienced by a much larger audience who would be in search for something different."

— Cecil McBee

"Harris tiptoes and pirouettes across a relaxed set of ballads and lightly soulful grooves, he possesses a spare style and a gentle touch"

Jazz Times Magazine

"’s precisely the ‘call and response’ interaction between musicians that has endeared Harris to his chosen genre"

The Copenhagen Post

"Harris has worked to refine the creative push and pull of a music that demands it"

Boston Globe

"Kevin one of the emerging names in the jazz scene of the millennium...(He) is someone to keep an eye on!"

La Repubblica, Rome, Italy

"Museum Vol. 1 è un lavoro curato, ben suonato, credibile e logico nella sua struttura"

All About Jazz, Italy

"...Well conceived art jazz that delivers the goods beyond the expected."

Midwest Record

"Eclectic Harris: In his hometown, he is known to be a “dialectic” improviser, that is, he enjoys conversating through his music with the public while he creates on the white and black keys."

Corriere della Sera, Rome, Italy

"Harris’ creative artistry is a breath of fresh air."

— Boston Phoenix

“Kevin is a brilliant improviser in which every rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic phrase he plays is cohesive and logically developed. Most importantly, his playing is consistently soulful and in the pocket. In my opinion, Kevin will be a significant voice in the world of jazz piano for the new millennium. I'm proud to share the bandstand with him."

— Andrew Hayward, Lincoln Jazz Center Orchestra and SF Jazz Collective

"...passionate conversation and interaction."

— South End News

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