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Quote Kevin Harris has a very special talent. His writing is interesting and challenging, with a sense of originality and commitment to quality. I so enjoy listening to and playing with Kevin. Makes me know that jazz is alive, well and in good hands... AND that new music can be great, with solid respect for what has come before, while strongly forging ahead into the future. Very exciting! Thank you Kevin.. Quote

—Terri Lyne Carrington
Grammy Award Winner


QuoteKevin one of the emerging names in the jazz scene of the millennium...(He) is someone to keep an eye on!Quote

— La Repubblica
Rome, Italy


QuoteEclectic Harris: In his hometown, he is known to be a “dialectic” improviser, that is, he enjoys conversating through his music with the public while he creates on the white and black keys.Quote

—Corriere della Sera
Milan, Italy


Steve Langone Trio

Steve Langone: Drums
Kevin Harris: Piano
Dave Zinno: Bass

"One of the most interactive new units in the grand tradition of the jazz piano trio”
- Bob Blumenthal

Breathe might be the artist exhorting himself to hit the pause button between sessions, long enough to draw a little attention to his own work, which happens to be stellar. Joined by Kevin Harris and Dave Zinno, Langone's trio is sublime, really tasty, as they tackle an exhilarating repertoire spanning Dylan, Shearing, Louis Armstrong and a few originals.

Available at Whaling City Sound, iTunes and Amazon
© 2017 Steve Langone, Kevin Harris, Dave Zinno


Tal Gamlieli

Tal Gamlieli: Double Bass
Kevin Harris: Piano
Avishai Cohen: Trumpet
Marco Pignataro: Saxophone
Jose Perez Albela: Drums
Richie Barshay: Drums on tracks 6, 7

Listen at SoundCloud
© 2017 Tal Gamlieli

Let's Play a Blues

Piotr Rucinski

Piotr Rucinski: Guitar
Kevin Harris: Piano
Piotr Rodowicz: Bass
Robert Majewski: Flugelhorm, Trumpet
Jacek Prokopowicz: Hammond Organ
Robert Rasz: Drums
Aleksandra Siemieniuk: Resophonic Guitar

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© 2016 4everMusic

Bird Interpretations

Kevin Harris: Piano
Francisco Mela: Drums
Ben Street: Bass

Available at CD Baby and iTunes
© 2015 Kevin Harris

Contemporary Black Biography

An essay by Candice Mancini

Biographical profiles of influential persons of African American and/or black heritage of various nationalities.

Read Candice Mancini's essay on Kevin Harris here

© 2015 Gale, Cengage Learning  - Candice Mancini

My Take

Rich Greenblatt Sextet

Rich Greenblatt: Vibraphone
Greg Hopkins: Trumpet
Allan Chase: Baritone and Alto Sax
Kevin Harris: Piano
John Lockwood: Bass
Bob Tamagni: Drums

Listen at: Rich Greenblatt
© 2015 Rich Greenblatt

Live In Chicago

Frank Walton Group

Frank Walton: Trumpet
Yoron Israel: Drums
Kevin Harris: Piano
Avery Sharpe: Bass
Allan Chase: Alto Sax
Tony Toca Carpenter: Percussions

Available at iTunes
© 2014 Frank Walton

Museum, Vol. 1

Kevin Harris: Piano, Rhodes
Kendall Eddy: Bass
Steve Langone: Drums
Richie Barshay: Drums
Jason Palmer: Trumpet
Rick DiMuzio: Tenor Sax

Available at CD BABY and Itunes
© 2013 Kevin Harris

The Edenfred Files

Darryl Harper Group

Darryl Harper: Clarinet
Kevin Harris: Piano
Matthew Parris: Bass
Harry “Butch” Reed: Drums

Reviews by:
- NPR Music

- JazzTimes

Available at iTunes
© 2013 Darryl Harper

A Few Honest Words
The Kentucky Roots of Popular Music

A book by Jason Howard

A Few Honest Words explores how Kentucky's landscape, culture, and traditions have influenced notable contemporary musicians. The book features intimate interviews with 14 artists through which, author Jason Howard, reveals the importance of the state and the Appalachian region to the creation and performance of music in America.

“Jason Howard has gathered up all those sweet Kentucky sounds and brought them home to a reunion."
-Michael Streissguth, author of "Johnny Cash: The Biography"

Available at Amazon
© 2012 Jason Howard

Beyond Talent
Creating a Successful Career in Music

A book by Angela Myles Beeching

Beyond Talent provides user-friendly real-life advice, examples, and perspectives on how to further a career in music. Understanding the unique talents and training of musicians, veteran music career counselor Angela Myles Beeching presents a wealth of creative solutions for career advancement in the highly competitive music industry.

“Beyond Talent is like the ultimate Swiss army knife for the young musician. Packed with savvy insights, sage advice, practical ideas and inspiring examples, this comprehensive guide delivers the tools to navigate a successful path in music no matter where it might lead."
-Phillip Ying, former President, Chamber Music America

Available at Amazon
© 2010 Angela Myles Beeching


Kevin Harris: Piano
Kendall Eddy: Bass
Steve Langone: Drums
Rick DiMuzio: Tenor Sax

Available at CD BABY and iTunes
© 2010 Kevin Harris

Freedom Doxology

Kevin Harris: Piano
Steve Langone: Drums & Percussion
Kendall Eddy: Acoustic Bass

Available at CD BABY and iTunes
© 2008 Kevin Harris

The Butterfly Chronicles

Kevin Harris: Piano
Kendall Eddy: Bass
Keala Kaumeheiwa: Bass on "Momentum"
Steve Langone: Drums

Available at CD BABY and iTunes
© 2007 Kevin Harris


Steve Langone Group

Steve Langone: Drums & Percussion
Kevin Harris: Piano
Will Slater: Acoustic Bass
Jeff Charland: Acoustic Bass
Bruce Bartlett: Guitar

Available at iTunes
© 2010 Steve Langone

The Steve Langone Group

Steve Langone Group

Steve Langone: Drums & Percussion
Kevin Harris: Piano
Kendall Eddy: Acoustic Bass
Jim Repa: Alto Sax
Bruce Bartlett: Guitar
Rick DiMuzio: Tenor Sax

Available at iTunes
© 2009 Steve Langone

Into Something

Darryl Harper

Darryl Harper: clarinet
Kevin Harris: Piano

View a live performance at:


Kaba Edizioni

Raffaella Polverini

Collaboration with Kaba Edizioni in Milan, Italy.
"The Music Box" is chosen for one of their book trailers. Kaba Edizioni is managed by Raffaella Polverini.

© 2009

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